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Hi! I'm Sinéad, Yoga Teacher, pelvic health enthusiast and Mom to three very active boys! I'm originally from Manchester UK, with Irish heritage (hence the garlic name!) and a random fact about me is that I share my married name with a famous 90's singer and I do like to make jokes about that!

I first discovered yoga when I was in my early twenties, working long shifts in a bar and restaurant in NYC. An unrelenting schedule on my feet left my lower body so overworked and tense that my low back was in constant pain. And so like many people, I came to yoga for my body, but what I found there was peace of mind.

Over the years yoga has become my touchstone and guided me through Motherhood, grief and a pandemic.

My yoga training is from the Iyengar Yoga lineage which is based on helping each body achieve it's own pose, rather than one pose to fit every body. I also use props, I love to prop!


  • 200 Hours RYT - Alberta Yoga College
  • 85 Hours R-PYT (pre & Postnatal) - Sara Villamil Yoga
  • 20 Hours - Yoga for Pelvic Health
  • Pelvic Health Professional

I am also a member of the Pelvic Health Professionals, a continuous learning membership for those working in the field of pelvic health, with access to emerging research and information on all things pelvic!