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Share this information with all the new Moms you know!

By Sinéad O'Connor

THU APR 01, 2021

We all know someone that has had a baby - your Mom had you! Maybe you have had a baby, maybe your sister or best friend too. I've had babies, and what we all have in common is that we were let down in the postpartum care we received because it just isn't good enough yet.

I watched this mind-blowing TedTalk this week, and it just puts together all the thoughts I have about postpartum care and the importance of pelvic floor health. If you have 13 minutes today, please listen to it (and please, if you have someone that could benefit from the information in it, share it with them too).

Here's what we need to know:

Pelvic floor issues are common (but not normal) and they can be helped - the starting point is to see a pelvic floor physio for an assessment if you can.

We are never too old to try to fix the damage done to your body in pregnancy and birth. I am working with a private client who is 18 years postpartum right now and has been dealing with urinary leaking and low back pain for all of that time, and now she is finally able to take control of her body back.

✨ When you return to fitness & movement postpartum, do it with a postnatally trained instructor to be sure you are getting the best advice.

You already have the skills to start your repair of your pelvic floor - remember that diaphragmatic breath that we started every Prenatal Yoga or Mom and Baby class with - breathing into the rib cage with a soft belly? That is the first step to helping the pelvic floor to move properly.

Practice that daily if you can!

→ Because pelvic floor issues don’t go away - in fact by the age of 65 in the USA, 50% of women will be suffering from urinary leaking, and this is the number 1 cause for admission to nursing homes later in life.

🌼 Let's help to change that statistic.🌼

The more we talk about this, the more women can be helped.

I always include pelvic floor health in my classes, even those that are not pre or postpartum specific. Right now I am teaching a couple of different classes per month online and have some in-person, outdoor classes coming up throughout the summer.

I am also scheduling a Yoga for the Pelvic Floor 6 weeks series when restrictions allow us to be in-person again, so stay tuned for that :-)